What we do


Clausewitz Technology offers marketing and business development support to a wide range of high-technology firms in the Huntsville, Alabama region. Our insider’s perspective on Army Aviation programs is based upon our first-hand experience in the cockpit.

Businesses turn to Clausewitz to tailor their technology offerings into solutions that meet specific needs in the Defense sector. We identify capabilities gaps in Army Aviation and Electronic Warfare programs, and we help refine your technology to meet those specific needs.

Clausewitz Technology works seamlessly with your team to position you for contract award. We interact with your technical teams, your prospects and your customers with one goal in mind:

To equip the warfighter with relevant technology developed by your team.

  • Marketing Services
  • Marketing Assessment
  • Requirements Analysis

On-site representation is invaluable to firms seeking to do business on Redstone Arsenal, Cummings Research Park, and the surrounding region. Clausewitz Technology works on behalf of your firm, offering seamless representation in all aspects of marketing and business development. We give you the power to maintain a consistent local presence with Army & DoD customers, even before you establish an office in Huntsville.

  • Identifying Technical, Procurement and PEO contacts with Army & DoD customers
  • Targeting customers with specific marketing messages
  • Attending face-to-face meetings
  • Facilitating meetings, introductions and procurement processes
  • Representing your firm at events, industry expos and trade associations

Clausewitz Technology provides comprehensive documentation of activity on behalf of your firm including meeting reports, monthly activity summaries, hours and expenses.

Clausewitz Technology evaluates your technology offerings based upon our expertise with Army Aviation and Operations with manned and unmanned aircraft as well as Electronic Warfare (EW). We’ll help you answer questions about the application of your technology to specific programmatic needs, and we’ll identify opportunities to present relevant technologies to the right potential customers.

Understanding your customer’s needs is essential. Clausewitz Technology offers over 25 years of Army Aviation experience to evaluate and dissect system requirements from DoD customers.

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